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Offering state-of-the-art medical solutions

We provide state-of-the-art medical solutions for Sub Saharan African healthcare providers and patients through the supply of quality products and services such as:

  • Capital equipment: from Abbott (electrophysiology and intra-coronary imaging and pressure measurement), LivaNova (cardio-pulmonary bypass systems), Haemonetics (autotransfusion), Medela (negative wound pressure therapy) and Bittium (cardiac Holter)
  • Orthopaedic / Spinal surgery / Neuro Spine
  • Neuromodulation (devices for chronic pain, deep brain stimulation) and Vagus Nerve Stimulation (epilepsy)
  • Cardiac Devices (Cardiac Surgery, Structural Heart, Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology, Cardiac Rhythm Management, ElectroPhysiology, long-term cardiac monitoring), diagnostic cardiology disposable products
  • Surgical: medical devices and instrumentation for general, laparoscopic surgery (urology, colo-rectal and gynaecology)
  • Advanced Wound care and sanitization products
  • Medical Capital Equipment and Hospital furniture: High-end Imaging, X-Ray and Ultrasound Imaging, Dialysis, Ventilators, other much-needed cost-effective medical technology
Urologist examining x-ray

Our Approach

Apart from the day to day impact our products and devices deliver, we continue to expand our range of services. We appreciate that people are generally more informed and would like to understand their healthcare options and participate to the treatment decision.

Additionally, we also understand that data and access to data has a pivotal part in these decisions, but if not understood it can actually cause more confusion than assistance. The human body is complex, and rich data sets with the correct algorithmic formulas attached can provide significant insights, and we are building our business along digital channels to achieve this.

Lastly, we believe that digital technologies have the potential to enable the delivery of individualised healthcare and subsequently value based precision medicine.

Some of these digital solutions include

  • Wearables and remote diagnostics of ECG’s
  • Blood donor applications
  • Internet of things (IoT) devices e.g. to track the temperature of the stents
  • Ongoing training and education on our CPD portal

Operationally, digitisation also plays a major role in the way we deliver our products and services.

This operational excellence is supported by:

  • World-class supply chain solutions for in and outbound processing ensuring stock is available when and where needed
  • Automated regulatory systems to ensure correct codification and classification
  • Strong quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016
  • Single source of truth using SAP B1 and have all our data on the Azure cloud for security and anonymity
  • Laboratory services for our blood solutions
  • Smart management of our consignment stock in hospitals and clinics
  • Data driven and algorithmic decisions making, partnering with AI (artificial intelligence) experts