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Ethos’ Investment & the creation of Vertice

Amayeza Abantu Biomedical (Pty) Ltd, Amayeza Abantu meaning medicine for the people in isiXhosa, one of South Africa’s indigenous languages, was established in 1998. A material milestone for the company was the conclusion of agreements in 2001 with St. Jude Medical for the marketing and distribution of its Cardiac diagnosis and Cardiac Rhythm Management product range in South Africa. In 2016 Abbott Laboratories ( acquired St Jude Medical.

Over the years the company has developed substantially, diversifying its activities in wound care, neuromodulation and spine surgery while extending its footprint across the Sub-Saharan region. This has resulted in Amayeza Abantu becoming a leading provider of quality solutions throughout the continent. Amayeza Abantu became renowned for its ability to deliver specialist, quality, state-of-the-art medical technology and skills transfer. The strong relationships that developed over 20 years and continue with key healthcare professionals and hospitals in our region, laid the foundation to partner with Ethos.


Ethos is an investment firm, managing investments in private equity and credit strategies in South Africa and selectively in sub-Saharan Africa.

It was instrumental in establishing the private equity asset class in the sub-Saharan region, concluding the: first buyout (1984); first public-to-private deal (1992); first BEE deal (1994); and, first international fund raising (1996). They are currently investing Ethos Fund VI, with R8.6 billion of committed capital and have assets under management of over R11 billion.

It is in this Fund VI that Ethos acquired a majority stake in Amayeza and Legacy, resulting in a new entity Vertice MedTech (VMTG), and its first vertical business is Vertice HealthCare (VHC).

Ethos distinguishes itself in the South African market by combining financial discipline with value-enhancing strategies, in partnership with portfolio company management teams. Their deep experience coupled with a partnership approach is why we believe them to be the right shareholders and partners for our business into the future.


Haemotec (Pty) Ltd was established in 2001 as a distributor of specialised products used in the field of transfusion medicine. The portfolio has since grown to encompasses a wider range of products, that not only cover blood transfusion, but also in-vitro diagnostics, tissue banking, hospital and surgical.

Through their products they are involved in the collection, processing, testing, storage, infusion and management of blood and human tissue. We are proud to be associated with some of the leading manufactures in this market sector.

The cornerstone of Haemotec’s success has always been a customer orientated approach while providing quality, state-of-the-art technology. The business reach extends to most Southern African countries as well as Ghana and Nigeria.

LTE Medical Solutions

LTE is a professional service provider to the healthcare industry, with the focus on mobile & alternative healthcare facilities, radiology solutions & services, medical equipment and healthcare software solutions. Over the years they have supplied turnkey mobile clinics, screening services, medical facilities and equipment across the African continent and understand the technical requirements and support required for specialized mobile healthcare facilities. LTE understand the importance of delivering sustainable solutions with the necessary technical and after sales support to ensure optimal outcomes for their clients and users.

Through passion of providing the ultimate healthcare solutions, they offer clients and funders a complete solution related to healthcare screenings and statistical analysis. The complete service includes hardware (mobile healthcare facilities), software and clinical resources to manage patient workflow, the capturing of patient data and reporting back to clients.

LTE’s commitment is to deliver a fair and professional service, with the necessary back-up support. The team of experts include people with a wealth of experience in various segments of the medical industry.


Paragmed was founded in 1999 to offer specialist interventional cardiology devices to the South African market and over the next 20 years, the company was to become one of South Africa’s leading Cardiovascular Device Distributors. Paragmed offered a unique focus on transforming the treatment of Congenital Heart Defects, Paediatric Cardiology and Complex Interventions through the sourcing of the latest Medical Device Innovations.

Their commitment is to sourcing and providing innovative solutions to ensure patients in South Africa have access to the most innovative products in the world.


Founded in 1991 this dynamic company has successfully adapted to the continually changing SA healthcare and economic environment. They partner with principals and manufacturers on an exclusive basis in the disciplines of upper extremity, lower extremity and paediatric orthopaedic surgery, Sports Medicine, Neuro, Spine, ENT and Neurovascular surgery. Stratmed's partners continuously develop and enhance innovative product solutions with the input of surgeons, engineers and researchers.

The team of highly skilled technical representatives strive to deliver product information, service and support in a professional and knowledgeable manner, allowing surgeons a great day in theatre treating their patients for better quality of life.


With over 25 years' experience specialising in the supply and distribution of medical products, Jumla Medical Supplies (Pty) Ltd is committed towards promoting clinical excellence within the healthcare industry.

They strive to be the leading provider of quality imported and locally sourced disposable medical, surgical and dental products; laboratory and diagnostic medical equipment. Servicing both complex and routine medical product and equipment requirements, the latest international and local science and technology advancements in medicine are coupled with incomparable professional customer service delivery. Incorporating a growing national footprint including Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, the company is positioned to render services for both the public and private sectors across South Africa and beyond its borders.