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Vertice Wound Care

Offering the highest level of performance in wound treatment

Silvocure is a reputable distributor of the most advanced wound care treatment and sanitisation products in South Africa. The services that we provide allow medical practitioners to treat and heal complicated wounds across a broad spectrum of wound aetiologies, ranging from large surface area, full thickness burn injuries to smaller, long-term chronic wounds. We also cater for plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and cardiothoracic surgery.

Our products also help reduce the risk of wound infection, reduce pain and support the body’s full healing process. Maintenance of the skin’s integrity and the management of wound healing are public health issues and we are devoted to improving treatments and solutions.

Our Supplier Partners



Silverlon offers a fundamentally unique silver-plating wound healing process that contains more pure metallic silver than any other dressing. Its high silver content provides a large reservoir of deliverable silver ions within the dressing when activated and applied to the wound.

Urgo Medical

Urgo Medical

Urgo Medical offers a full range of innovative, advanced, and accelerated wound healing solutions that help restore a patient’s life to its pre-injured state. Research and development that will further the knowledge on wound treatment, injured tissue, and skin degradations is an ongoing commitment of the group.

MedSkin Solutions

MedSkin Solutions Dr Suwelack

MedSkin Solutions stimulates biological regeneration processes to amplify medical wound treatment and professional skin care. Through scientific research and technological leadership it has become possible to discover medical breakthroughs in the natural properties of biomaterials and to place emphasis on managing reconstructive and full-thickness wounds.



Medela is a global manufacturer of medical vacuum solutions making Negative Pressure Wound Therapy easier and more flexible for medical practitioners. Our systems offer clinical flexibility and patient mobility, making it easier and more comfortable for patients to heal from complicated wounds.