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Vertice HealthCare is dedicated to delivering superior solutions that will bring a positive impact to people suffering from chronic pain, movement disorders, drug-resistant epilepsy and other highly complicated spinal pathologies. We are distributors of Abbott, who continuously introduce therapeutic technologies to improve millions of lives around the world.

The products and services we offer empower practitioners to accomplish neuromodulation, provide solutions to treat complex diagnoses and manage a variety of symptoms. We strive to give people the opportunity to live a comfortable and pain-free life, despite being diagnosed with chronic diseases and life-changing symptoms. With our solutions; doctors and clinicians can help people gain an active and productive lifestyle once again, without relying on costly and ongoing pain medication.

Neuromodulation devices and other similar treatments are life-changing to people suffering from chronic pain caused by diseases and injuries, drug-resistant epilepsy and drug-resistant depression. The neuromodulation devices that we distribute offer personalised therapeutic control without creating side effects that interfere with quality of life.

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