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Connecting Specialists and Patients - Making Healthcare more Accessible and Efficient

Digital Health is more than a buzz word or a trend; it forms part of a new era in healthcare. Vertice embarked on this journey to keep a close eye on digital technologies and their feasibility in today’s healthcare environment.

Vertice Diagnostics

Vertice diagnostics started with a 5 day ECG monitoring service, setting a new standard in long term ECG assessments. Our interpretation centre, with our highly skilled clinical technologists is based in Gauteng using latest AI technology to get ECG reports back to the specialist in under 2hrs. Together with our Partners BITTIUM in Finnland, Cardiologs in France and FSI in South Africa, we are offering a truly world class service.

Our focus is currently the Cardiologist, but will soon be available to GPs, Pharmacies and allied healthcare providers across Sub Saharan Africa.