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New enhancements now available with OCT in SA

AmayezaNews New enhancements now available with OCT in SA

New enhancements now available with OCT in SA

New enhancements now available with OCT in SA:
ACR (Angio Co-registration) & MSO (Metallic Stent Optimization) launched at the recent SA Heart Congress, 08th Sept. 2016


At the recent SA Heart Congress, held from 08th to 11th September 2016 at the Cape Town ICC, the latest enhancements to OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) were launched and put on display at the exhibition area.
The Angio Co‐Registration (ACR) tool allows the user to visualize the linkage between anatomical OCT image data on angiography images and tightens the linkage between anatomical assessment with OCT and subsequent therapeutic actions. By integrating functional information with high-resolution anatomical detail and enhanced lesion visualization, the OCT system facilitates more informed diagnostic and procedural decisions, leading to enhanced intervention planning and execution and ultimately improved patient outcomes.


Metallic Stent Optimization (MSO) delivers tools to further improve stent sizing and placement while providing apposition assessment for drug-eluting and bare-metal stents. This enhancement adds the following new clinical functionalities to the OCT system:
• Stent roadmap
• Automated measurements
• Stent apposition indicator
• 3-D Bifurcation mode
• Enhanced 3-D navigation
• 3-D Flythrough mode


David Whitaker, PCI Optimization Field Specialist from the UK St Jude Medical team, delivered an insightful presentation on the new technologies at a function on the 10th Sept.’16. For more information on the latest OCT developments, contact your local AMAYEZA ABANTU Territory Manager or send an e-mail to:
Kallie Burger
PCI Optimization Business Manager