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The world’s first smartphone compatible Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM)

AmayezaNews The world’s first smartphone compatible Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM)
St Jude Medical

The world’s first smartphone compatible Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM)

St Jude Medical introduces the world’s first smartphone compatible Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM). This technology was built to detect even the most difficult to detect Arrhythmias and Astrail fibrillation. The Insertable Cardiac Monitor in combination with bluetooth allows patients to monitor using their own mobile device.


Confirm Rx™ ICM: the world’s first smartphone-enabled Insertable Cardiac Monitor.

Be part of cutting edge technology with the intuitive Confirm Rx™ ICM.

The world’s first Insertable Cardiac Monitor, designed to empower and engage patients, enhancing their compliance to remote monitoring.

The myMerlin™ mobile app communicates with the ICM via Bluetooth wireless technology, eliminating the need for a bulky bed-side transmitter and separate activator.

Device history and connectivity status is available to the patient via the app, thereby reducing clinic burden associated with repeated transmissions and connectivity queries.


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Confirm Rx™ ICM: From atrial fibrillation to syncope:

The Confirm Rx™ is an Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) indicated for the monitoring and diagnostic evaluation of unexplained symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, and syncope.

In addition, the Confirm RX ICM is also indicated for the detection of Atrial Fibrillation (AF).  Clinical evidence shows the Confirm Rx ICM has a high level of sensitivity in diagnosing Atrial Fibrillation (AF), and this functionality is thought to be the way of the future.

Live Life, Less Interrupted with the leading technological innovations that come with the Confirm Rx ICM.


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Confirm Rx™ Continuous heart monitoring.  Life, Less Interrupted

Monitoring your heart’s rhythm has never been this easy, effective and discreet!

The innovation behind the Confirm Rx ICM provides us with the slimmest ICM available and a patient activated symptom recorder which is conveniently integrated into a smartphone app (myMerlin™ app).

This ensures continuous communication with the Confirm Rx ICM, allowing early diagnoses for patients who experience cardiac arrhythmias.

Go to the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone device, download the myMerlin™ app free of charge and view the demonstration video available from the home screen.


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